Biomedical Informatics Program

Transfer Credits

Applicants or enrollees of the NSU-COM Biomedical Informatics Program may petition for a transfer of a maximum of 12 credit hours towards their degree from a regionally accredited institution for degree seeking students, and a maximum of 6 credit hours toward their certificate for certificate seeking students. Any exceptions require the written approval of the program director.

To be considered for transfer of credit, courses must have been completed less than five years prior to the beginning of the student's first semester in the program. All courses to be transferred must be substantially equivalent to courses offered in the program, as determined by the Program Director and appropriate faculty.

All courses considered for transfer into the program must have been successfully completed with a grade of "B" (80%) or better. Transfer course grades are not calculated towards the students Grade Point Average.

An accepted applicant to the program who wishes to receive transfer credit, must submit a written request along with the appropriate verification documents (e.g. official transcripts, syllabi, and catalogs) to the Program Director. Download Credit Transfer Request Form here.