Lifelong Learning Institute

Get to Know the Lifelong Learning Institute

The Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) is a longstanding Institution at Nova Southeastern University (NSU).  Founded in 1977 as the Institute for Retired Professionals and renamed the Lifelong Learning Institute in 2006, the LLI serves the lifelong learning interests and needs of the mature adult and retirement community in Broward County. The LLI, which is a component of the College of Osteopathic Medicine, is located on NSU's Davie campus. The LLI was founded to complete the NSU dream of education spanning a whole lifetime, from preschool to older-adult learning.

Through a unique, warm environment, the LLI offers not only challenging educational lectures, but also social opportunities through field trips and participation in NSU special events and lectures. LLI members can take advantage of a membership perk and audit classes throughout the university. Such experiences offer true intergenerational learning while sitting side by side with undergraduate and graduate students, sharing and learning from each other.

LLI on-campus membership breaks down to a 70 percent female to 30 percent male ratio. Ages range from late 50s to early 90s, with mid 70s as the average age. Many LLI members are retired professionals such as lawyers, doctors, business people, and teachers.
During the main academic LLI calendar, which runs from October through May, classes are offered Monday through Thursday, two classes a day. The LLI runs on a slightly reduced schedule during the summer months with one class a day, three days a week. Some members attend all classes everyday, while others pick and choose the classes they want as is convenient for their personal schedules.

Since the LLI believes in a total mind, body, spirit approach, a fitness program, run by NSU fitness instructors, is offered in our classroom two to three afternoons a week for a small additional fee not included in the membership rates.

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