Medical Education Department

Faculty/Staff Directory

name title
Marti Echols, Ph.D., M.Ed. Assistant Dean, Medical Education Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Heather McCarthy, D.O. Assistant Professor, Medical Dir. Simulation & Standardized Patients Labs
Gary  Hill, D.O. Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Evelyn Schwalenberg, D.O., MS, FACP, FACOI, FNAOME Associate Professor, Director Faculty Development
Diana Silvagni, J.D. Clinical Assistant Professor
Janet Roseman, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medical Education
Khin Maung Tu, M.D. Assistant Professor
Arif M. Rana, Ph.D., M.Ed Assistant Professor
Lynn Lafferty, Pharm.D Assistant Professor
Evelyn Walker,  M.B.A. Director Data Coordination, Study & Analysis
Elizabeth Oviawe, MSc., MMIS, MSBI, NCP Assistant Director, Data Coord. Study & Analysis, Development & Simulation
Marysel Sierra, B.S. Academic Coordinator
Donna Chase, M.B.A. Academic Coordinator
Carmen Hernandez Coordinator, Data Coordination & Analysis
Jeffrey Golomb, A.S. Simulation Technician
Chania Vargas Administrative Assistant